Combine dicks with cocktails and you’re guaranteed a bachelor party where there’s a lot of laughter!

Make a Porn Star Martini and most girls will be happy no matter what but when it turns out that you’re going to make cocktails with a dildo your friends will be very suprised!

As a cherry, or shall I say, penis on the cake you’re going to decorate the cocktails with fruit pieces. And of course they are allowed in the form of… You guessed it!






  • FROM €17,- PP INCL VAT

  • 1.5 HOURS




  • 1, 2 OR 3 COCKTAILS










Naugthy Cocktails


Never before has a cocktail workshop been so much fun and the bachelor won’t recover when she sees what you’ve arranged for her!

Because between the liquor bottles and the shakers there are real dildos on the workshop table! Black, pink and skin-coloured… Which one is a favorite with the bachelorette?

Your personal Christian Grey is going to teach you some erotic cocktails, because of course he has to stay in the theme..

Throw those muddlers over board, because you have something much more fun in your sights!

While making those o so delicious cocktails, the silly comments and silly jokes go back and forth. And of course you will take a moment to study your new favorite cock(tail) tools.

Ladies, ladies, can that poor boy please continue his workshop?

You’ll go to work on the beach, leaving the workshop table with pain in your belly with laughter!


In the first part of the Naughty Cocktails you will learn to make a Pornstar Martini. Was it a shot first or cocktail first, and there was something with prosecco, right? That pornstar martini is harder to make than you thought, but luckily Chris shows you how it’s done.

Of course he doesn’t throw away the fine example he has made and the bachelorette gets to drink his cocktail!

You are now going to work yourself and Chris is watching every step of the way. After you finish your creations, it’s time for a short break. Walk on the beach and cheers with your friends: ‘to a cool hen do ladies!’

After you’ve had the cocktails, Chris starts part two of the workshop. The tears roll over the bachelorette’s face from laughter when she sees what’s on the table. She really didn’t see this coming!

The dildo’s are ready so now it’s time to handle them correctly. Never before has a making cocktail been so much fun!

Do you book two afternoon activities or more with us? In addition to a nice discount, you will also get Just tattoo or us or a Mini photo shoot worth €100,- free as a gift! Do you book 1 afternoon activity and an evening activity? Then you get 50 off these fun activities!

You have the choice of these activities:


A super fun mini photo shoot on the beach! Our photographer has a box full of fun accessories with him, making this shoot all the way in the bachelor party theme! Who catches her book and who takes off her garter? Tip! paste the photos into a collage or a nice album and give them to her on her wedding day. A nice gift from her best friends!


MTV comes to the beach and you’re the one who decides which tattoo your best friend is going home with! For the bachelor, it remains a surprise until the unveiling. The tattoo stays for 2 to 7 days. Are you going for a stripper on her buttocks or will she get a cute heart from her dear friends on her ankle? You decide!

If the sun is out we put long tables in the sand. In bad weather, we move the workshop inside the tropical beach club.

As soon as you arrive at the tropical beachclub you can report to the bartender. Tell him you booked at The Hague Party Pub Crawl and the bartender knows enough!

Your personal Cocktail shaker will be right there to escort you to the workshop table.

Your price is determined by the number of people you book with. The larger the group the lower the price. Press the CALCULATE PRICE button at the bottom of this page to calculate the price for your group.

High quality for a low price! Are you interested in a particular activity that we offer and are you getting a better quote from one of our competitors than the price shown on our website? We always give you a discount to provide you with the best price if the conditions are the same!

Als je op de knop BEREKEN JE PRIJS hebt gedrukt en je wensen hebt ingevuld, verschijnt er een knop BEREKEN MIJN KORTING.

Naast dat we je korting geven op basis van de grootte van je groep (hoe groter de groep, hoe hoger de korting) krijg je ook korting als je meerdere activiteiten boekt in bepaalde combinaties.

Als je korting krijgt op basis van de grootte van je groep EN je hebt een combinatie te pakken waarbij je ook korting krijgt, krijg je dus korting op korting. Bekijk onze combodeals voor meer informatie!

You will probably have noticed that INFORMATION indicates that you can book this activity with 8 people and you can’t select less then 10 people when you press the button CALCULATE MY PRICE

If this activity is already booked by another group on the day you would like to make a reservation, all the materials are already present at the location and we may be able to offer this activity for smaller group. Contact us or call us on +316 42537347.

With our combo deals you recieve a discount on ALL elements of your booking.

For example, combine Naughty cocktails with a city game, workshop, tasting or water activity and finish with a nice dinner in our combo deal Sun Sea Sunburn. Combine Naughty cocktails with a beach activity and dinner during the combo deal Sun Sea feast. You can also combine Naughty cocktails with dinner and a pub crawl in our combo deal OhOhDenHaag. Combine Naughty cocktails with a beach activity, dinner and end with a pub crawl for the full experience in the combo deal Party rocker.

In the centre of Scheveningen, at the end of the famous shopping street the Keizerstraat lies Beachclub Copacabana. This tropical beachclub is one of the nicest of Scheveningen beach and has 480 seats. Both indoors and outdoors there are cosy corners where we host our workshops and tastings. We always place our beach activities next to this beachclub.

Beachclub Copacabana is easily accessible by tram 1 or 11 and bus 22 is within walking distance. Jorplace beach hostel is also less than a 5 minute stroll away. The address of Beachclub Copacabana is Strandweg 12, 2586 JK The Hague.

Are you with a large group and do you prefer a different location or beach club? Contact us, we have many other partners on the beach and in the city!


It can be quite busy in Scheveningen in the summer months and it is not always easy to reach Scheveningen by car. We therefore advise you to travel by public transport, if possible.

There are several trams and buses that run from the stations to Scheveningen. There are also several Park and Ride options so you can park for a cheap fare and then go by public transport to Scheveningen.

Our beach activities are often set up next to Beachclub Copacabana, Strandweg 12, 2586 JK The Hague.

From the tram stop (lines 1, 11 and 12) it is between a 5 – 10 minute walk to the place where we set up our beach activities. These tram lines all stop at Station Hollands rail or at The Hague Central Station.

If you have to travel between Scheveningen and The Hague, the best thing to do is to take line 1. (keizerstraat stop to stop The Hague centre) The tram ride takes about 20 minutes. You can check in with your public transport chip card on this tram or buy a separate ticket inside the tram.

Use the OV9292 app for up-to-date travel information in The Hague and Scheveningen.

Night bus

Have you been clubbing in The Hague and do you want to return your hostel in Scheveningen?

Trams run until 00:00 a 01:00 (see OV9292). Fortunately, there is also HTM night buzz that runs from various stops in the centre of The Hague every hour to Scheveningen. If you are with the pub crawl this bus stops at a 2 minute walk from the last club.


If you come to Scheveningen in the summer we advise everyone to spend at least one extra hour for crowds, traffic jams and parking problems.

This is not only nice because there is no need to rush but being late on a reservation with us can result in an additional or cancellation of your activity without a refund. We will always do everything to prevent this but sometimes this is not avoidable due to a fully booked schedual unfortunately.

Plan well in advance how (late) you go from A to B then everything will be fine!

In the port of Scheveningen, free parking has been changed from 1/4/20 to paid parking, just like all other parking spaces in Scheveningen. Unfortunately, paid parking in Scheveningen means that you can’t leave your car for more than 2 hours even if you pay or you will be fined… Parking on the street and leaving your car for a day is unfortunately not an option. We think this is a ridiculous arrangement, but unfortunately we cannot change this.

You can go to one of the parking garages nearby. For an overview of the current availability of parking spaces in the 4 largest parking garages, check this link. To make sure you have a place in one of the nearest garages, namely the Kurhaus garage or the New Parklaan garage (both about 10 minutes walk to copacabana beach club) we recommend you to reserve your parking space long in advance through this Link.


If you stay asleep and come to Scheveningen early, you can always opt for a Park & ride. Check this link for more information about the possibilities.

We recommend the Citytax and HTMC in The Hague if you are taken by taxi or picked up.

Please note that transport on the promenade is not allowed. If you are picked up or taken to Copacabana beach club please tell the taxi to stop at cocktail bar Sahara (1 minute from the beach club).

Tel: Hague CityTax +3170 383 0830
Tel: HTMC +3170 390 7722

Have you booked a pub crawl with us and would you like to drive the taxi from the centre to your Hostel in Scheveningen? There is a taxi stop at the last club (1 minute walk) Advance booking is not necessary, as there are always enough taxis present. The price from the last club to Jorplace Hostel is about: €25,- (taxi in 2020) €35,- (taxi bus in 2020)

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If possible, we will move your activity to a different location. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

For groups of 25 people or more: This question is included in the terms and conditions Art. 6 and Art. 8

For groups of less then 25 people: We understand your concerns if some of your group don’t know if they want to join this is normally a difficult situation. It is possible to book only for the people you are sure will go along (we always keep the minimum number for the particular activity you are trying to book). This is however only possible for activity’s that are hosted by our own hosts (which is about 80% of the activities on our site). The rest of the people can pay in cash with us on the day of the booking. Let us know as soon as possible how many people will join (no later than 3 days before the start) so that we can bring plenty of materials needed for the extra people in your group. Contact us and ask us what activities this is possible for.

The lowest price guarantee applies only if the competitor’s booking conditions are equal to our terms and conditions.

Our partners indicate that they take into account dietary wishes and allergies, provided this is communicated in a timely manner. Before you book, ask your group what dietary requirements/allergies there are. Let us know further down the booking system what you are allergic to or what dietary requirements you would like us to take into account. You do this by posting a comment with ORDER NOTES,under the heading ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Dietary requirements and allergies can be passed on to us free of charge up to 7 days before the start. Please remind us about your allergies and dietary requirements during your booking again so we know who this concerns.

It is certainly possible to make alcohol free cocktails, provided this is passed on to us in a timely manner. Let us know further down the booking system how many people want to make alcohol-free cocktails. You do this by posting a comment with ORDER NOTES,under the heading ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. You can let us know up to max 7 days before the booking if and how many alcohol-free cocktails have to be made due to the purchase of certain products. Always pass this on to the cocktail shaker on site.