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Price: €58,-pp including VAT.

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You start your hen party in Scheveningen with a nice game of bumper balls in the sand. Did one of the other girls flirt with your boyfriend in the past? Now is the time to get revenge in a huge inflatable ball. As soon as your handsome male ref blows the whistle, it’s on and you roll through the field laughing. Do you have some scores to settle with the girls?


After the bumper balls you’ll be picked up by our photographer and it’s time for a mini photo shoot with the girls. You’ll receive some hysterical pink accessories and the bachelorette is all dolled up. Who will catch the bouquet? Who will we see again next year?


Did one of you friends grab the bouquet while it was flying your way? Don’t worry, because during sumo wrestling, you can get your revenge. You are hoisted into huge japanese fatsuits and go head-to-head with each other. But first, take a sip of sake and sprinkle with salt to drive out the evil spirits! That sake tastes pretty good, by the way!


Meanwhile, you grillmaster prepares the bbq on a huge hanging grill in the middle of the terrace of this tropical beach club. Juicy pieces of steak, chicken satay, burgers, salmon but also various grilled vegetables, 4 different salads, bread, fries and sauces are part of the bbq. Eat as much as you want, this BBQ is all you can eat!

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