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You will be welcomed by our handsome female referee with some welcome shots. In the meantime the waiter of the beach club is already alerted. Would you guys like to order some beers during your activity? We have put a dartboard of 5 meters high on the beach on which you will play Foot darts XXL.

Every time your team has shot three balls, mastercaller Ray Martin calls the score from a high-volume speaker. Distract, and sow confusion, this is allowed and encouraged by our referee!


Perhaps, your group of friends contains a few mentally ill and uncontrollable amateur footballers with a local stadium ban. During bumper football, you would be happpy to have these guys on your team! The rules are… There are no rules and that made our handsome female ref very happy! She does not understand how offside works AT ALL! When she places the ball on the halfway line you get ready. When the whistle blows you run into each other as hard as you can! The winning team wins a magnum bottle of beer, have fun boys!


When you’re finished and the champions have had their ceremony, it’s time for a round of cold beer in the sun. You’ll receive a book full of embarrassing tattoos on your table. The bachelor is blindfolded and doesn’t know what’s in store for him! His skin is disinfected and he is shaved with a razor. The smell of disinfectant is in the air and the tattoo machine is switched on.

He probably doesn’t believe any of it until he’s stung by a sharp object. Obviously this is just a joke and we will place a fake tattoo during our version of just tattoo of us. Do you guys choose the huge penis for his arm or does he look like Mike Tyson for the rest of the week?


Meanwhile, your grill master prepares the BBQ on a huge hanging grill in the middle of the terrace of the tropical beach club. Juicy pieces of steak, chicken satay, burgers, salmon but also various grilled vegetables, 4 different salads, bread, fries and sauces are part of the bbq. Eat as much as you want, this BBQ is all you can eat!

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