This combo deal includes

*optional: stripper during pub crawl, lunch, overnight stay

Price: €84,- pp including VAT.

Your total group discount is €169.90 because you have selected a combo deal, which means that your bachelorette +yourself basicly join for free during this hen party!

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Our giant inflatable twister right on the beach is a real eye catcher! The game host ready to welcome you with shots and a box full of envelopes with crazy challenges!

During Crazy beach twister you will compete with each other, but especially with the bachelorette in a huge inflatable twister. If the bachelorette falls, she will receive a challenge, but obviously the same goes for the rest of you girls. Crazy beach twister is a fun combination between crazy 88, expedition Robinson and twister!


After this crazy version of twister it’s time for some drinks! Are you ready for Porn star martini’s and mojito’s? If you think you have seen it all there are suddenly pink, brown and black dildo’s on the table during this workshop. And that’s what you’re going to make your mojito’s with! The Naughty cocktail workshop is full of fun surprises and you could say it is pretty penis orientated.


After the cocktail workshop you can go on the beach and it’s time for a free mini photo shoot with some great accessories. You’ll receive some hysterical pink accessories and the bachelorette is all dolled up. Who will catch the bouquet? Who will we see again next year?


Meanwhile, your grill master prepares the BBQ on a huge hanging grill in the middle of the terrace of the tropical beach club. Juicy pieces of steak, chicken satay, burgers, salmon but also various grilled vegetables, 4 different salads, bread, fries and sauces are part of the bbq. Eat as much as you want, this BBQ is all you can eat!


If you’ve finished your delicious BBQ, you’ll walk to the tram stop in five minutes. In 20 minutes you’ll reach the city center, it’s party time! You want to get the party going as fast as possible. While it normally doesn’t get crowded until around 00:00, we’re already filling up the pubs and clubs from 21:00 with people who, like you, are looking for a wild night.


Our party guides will be waiting for you with a large tray of shots. Have some drinks in one of the coolest squares in The Hague. Together with dozens of party people we’ll leave for the next pub. Our party guides carry bluetooth speakers with pumping beats. You can request your favorite song if you like! While walking to the next pub we’ll make a short stop. It’s time for everyone to get to know your bachelorette. She receives luminous devil horns and is put in the spotlight all night long. Can you handle all the shots during our pub crawl?

Live music, twerking, dancing on the bar we’ve got it all covered. That and lots of shots of course! If you want to surprise the bachelor with a stripper then book our pub crawl + stripper.

Tip: Do you think the combination of a beach activity + workshop + dinner + pub crawl is a great idea for your bachelor party, but would you rather have seen other activities in this combo deal? Surf to this combo deal quickly and choose from dozens of activities in our booking system!