This combo deal includes

*optional: stripper during pub crawl, lunch, overnight stay

Price: €82.30pp incl VAT.

Your total group discount is €242, – because you have selected a combo deal. That means that the bachelor + yourself + 1 other guy from your bachelor group actually can join for free during the stag do!

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Your day starts in a mega-sized inflatable Real life table football in the middle of the beach. You are the players in this game and are stuck to iron bars! Our handsome female ref pours a nice welcome shot for you and keeps track of the score. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to take offside into account!


When you guys have settled down, it’s time to embarrass the bachelor like you would during any great bachelor party. The photographer invites you to the beach for a very funny mini photo shoot.

After the bachelor hoists himself into a wedding dress, and has a veil on, he is asked to perform the most seductive poses. Is there an old lady who wants to slip on his garter for the photo?

Of course, the photo where he has to throw a bouquet can’t be skipped. Probably, unlike the ladies, all gentlemen step aside when the bouquet comes flying.


Perhaps, your group of friends contains a few mentally ill and uncontrollable amateur footballers with a local stadium ban. During bumper football, you would be happy to have these guys on your team! The rules are… There are no rules and that made our handsome female ref very happy! She does not understand how offside works AT ALL! When she places the ball on the halfway line you get ready. When the whistle blows you run into each other as hard as you can! The winning team wins a magnum bottle of beer, have fun boys!


After this wild afternoon you will walk to the tram stop within 5 minutes. In 20 minutes you’ll be in the center, it’s dinner time! You must be realy hungry and you want to have a nice dinner as soon as possible! The restaurant is less than a 5 minute walk from the tram stop, bon apetito boys!


Mario only reserves the best tables on the second floor of this cozy restaurant for our guests! Our Go Italian deal consists of a pizza, pasta of your choice including 4 drinks. There are two huge stone ovens in this restaurant where the pizzas are baked in no time. Mamma mia what a good deal!


This is going to be a wild night because our party guides are already waiting for you with a big tray full of shots of Jack Daniels. Together with 30 to sometimes 120 other party animals you’ll explore the nightlife of The Hague. Normally you would be refused entry if you are with a large group of men because of safety regulations but luckily we always have enough women so you can skip the cue everywhere! Can you handle all the shots during our pub crawl?

Live music, twerk competitions, dancing on the bar, we will make this a night to remember. That and lots of shots of course! If you want to surprise the bachelor with a stripper then book our pub crawl + stripper.

Tip: Do you think the combination of 2 beach activities + dinner + pub crawl is a great idea for your bachelor party, but would you rather have seen other activities in the combo deal? Surf to this combo deal quickly and choose from dozens of activities in our booking system!