This combo deal includes

*optional: stripper during pub crawl, lunch, overnight stay

Price: €96,- pp including VAT.

Your total group discount is €179.85because you have selected a combo deal. That means that the bachelor basicly joins for FREE and that you can order a lot of beers because you save lot’s of money!

Please note, the price of our activities/dinners may change based on the options/arrangements you select. For some components, the price also changes based on the number of people. Want to know exactly what the price is and how much discount you receive if you book this combo deal? Select the 3 items as indicated in the title, your desired options and number of people and calculate your price and your discount here!



Start your day with the ultimate Scheveningen experience! You made a great choice if you select power kiting While the instructor explains everything about the wind windows and the use of the kites you will be pulled hard across the beach. Hold on!


After this intense session, it’s time for relaxation. Our Gin tonic expert provides you with a choice of three different regions. He has brought some special Gin’s, matching tonics and tropical garnishes. Choose from differernt regions like the Netherlands, Belgium or a trip around the world and discover special and sometimes VERY local Gin’s during our Gin tonic tasting!


If you are completely relaxed because of the Gin it’s time for a little prank for the bachelor. You’ll receive a book full of embarrassing tattoos on your table. The bachelor is blindfolded and doesn’t know what’s in store for him! His skin is disinfected and he is shaved with a razor. The smell of disinfectant is in the air and the tattoo machine is switched on.

He probably doesn’t believe any of it until he’s stung by a sharp object. Obviously this is just a joke and we will place a fake tattoo during our version of just tattoo of us. Do you guys choose the huge penis for his arm or does he look like Mike Tyson for the rest of the week?


After this fun afternoon you will walk to the tram stop within 5 minutes. In 20 minutes you’ll be in the city center, it’s dinner time! You must be realy hungry and you want to have a nice dinner as soon as possible! The restaurant is less than a 5 minute walk from the tram stop, cali orexi!


Dimitris always reserves the best tables for our guests in his Greek restaurant. Bifteki, giros, suwlaki, steaks, Greek salad, tzatziki, fries, rice, ouzo and this deal includes 2 drinks! This is a great deal for men who love meat and have a big appetite!


This is going to be a wild night because our party guides are already waiting for you with a big tray full of shots of Jack Daniels. Together with 30 to sometimes 120 other party animals you’ll explore the nightlife of The Hague. Normally you would be refused entry if you are with a large group of men because of safety regulations but luckily we always have enough women so you can skip the cue everywhere! Can you handle all the shots during our pub crawl?

Live music, twerk competitions, dancing on the bar, we will make this a night to remember. That and lots of shots of course! If you want to surprise the bachelor with a stripper then book our pub crawl + stripper.

Tip: Do you think the combination of 1 beach activity + 1 tasting + dinner + pub crawl is a great idea for your bachelor party, but would you rather have seen other activities in the combo deal? Surf to this combo deal quickly and choose from dozens of activities in our booking system!