#7 Take the booze boat to Scheveningen + poker workshop/tournament + 3 hours unlimited booze and a great bbq in a beach club in Scheveningen! TOTAL DISCOUNT for 10 guys €179.40

BORRELBOOT + POKER WORKSHOP + BBQ WITH 3 HOURS OF UNLIMITED BOOZE This combination includes Boat trip including skipper welcome shots Poker tournament with poker pro including prize winners free mini photo shoot Grill it yourself BBQ with 3 hours of unlimited booze pictures of your stag day and stag night *optional: drinks package

#4 Survivor the pub edition + GPS game Football heroes, challenges with the ball at your foot + 3 hours unlimited drinking and a great BBQ! TOTAL DISCOUNT for 10 guys €182.90

SURVIVOR PUB EDITION + FOOTBALL HEROES + BBQ AND 3 HOURS OF UNLIMITED BOOZE This combo deal includes welcome shots Survivor pub edition + gamehost GPS game Football heroes Magnum bottle of beer (prize winners) free mini photo shoot Do it yourself bbq with 3 hours unlimited booze *optional: lunch, overnight stay Price: €102.75