Do you normally watch all the cooking shows and can’t wait to test your kitchen skills in respect of your friends or colleagues? Then our Masterchef cooking workshop is perfect for you!

Prepare a course of several small dishes per team and impress with your creations.

Who seasons their dish to taste perfectly and impresses our top chef the most? Who takes the title of Masterchef?




DO OUR TEST, answer 5 questions and create your personal combodeal. Make up your own timetable and recieve up to 35% discount!


DO OUR TEST, answer 5 questions and create your personal combodeal. Make up your own timetable and recieve up to 35% discount!


The masterchef cooking workshop in The Hague or Scheveningen is a great workshop for both the real foodie and for people who order take out on a daily basis. It’s a culinary battle that is decided with 1 winner or 1 winning team. This is depending on the size of your group.

You can choose from 14 different countries and themes so that you can make a dinner that suits your group. This cooking workshop includes 2 rounds of drinks but of course you can order extra rounds of drinks in our reservation system or on site in the cooking studio. If you’re a real foodie, you can always give your own twist to a particular recipe as there is an extensive supply of products and spices in the cooking studio. If you are not such a hero in the kitchen, all recipes are written down in detail and our top chef walks around to give directions and tips. In addition to a delicious three course tapas menu, would you like to add extra rounds such as a quiz, blind taste test, skill test or, for example, a wine, beer or cheese tasting? Then all this is possible if we know your wishes, please contact us for the possibilities!

The workshop is always adapted to the size of your group so that everyone gets enough attention but also has time to relax. In the cosy cooking studio is a nice long table where if it is not your turn you can sit together with your team and offcourse while everybody is having dinner. Which one of you shows their hidden talents and is that real masterchef?

Tip! A Masterchef cooking workshop combines cooking great food with teamwork in a culinary competition. Very nice during a team outing or a family weekend!


After a friendly welcoming and a short introduction, it’s time to start the masterchef cooking workshop. You will be divided into 3 teams: team starter, team main course and team dessert.

Team starter is the first to go into the kitchen to prepare the small dishes. Depending on the size of your group, they will all be responsible for their own little entrée. Of course, you can also just help each other if you want to put less emphasis on the competition element. When the appetizers are ready, team starter serves and presents the snacks at the table and you can dine together with the entire group.

Team main course is up and can claim their spot in the kitchen. All recipes have been written down and our top chef will supervise and answer all the questions. Of course you can give your own twist to a dish by adding extra spices or adjusting the dish slightly. Each participant makes a reasonable portion and all dishes together ensure that everyone can taste something of everything.

Team dessert has already eaten well and been having a drink for a while but they will have to get going now. Everyone makes a delicious dessert and now it’s time to serve the last course.

While preparing the dishes, our top chef has payed close attention and tasted also, he will have to consider who is considered for the title. Who keeps their station clean, has the best cutting technique, cooks best and takes that title from masterchef?

In our cosy cooking studio in The Hague you will be welcomed by our professional top chef! He welcomes you and ensures that you have a drink in no time. You can sit at a cozy long table and get a short introduction to what you are all going to do.

During the booking process, we ask you to choose a backup activity. There are several backup activities to choose from. Choose your desired backup activity so that we can take your wishes into account in case of bad weather. If you have chosen multiple outdoor activities that cannot take place due to bad weather, we will consult with you to choose one or more backup activities with the same value as the total amount of outdoor activities that you originally booked.

The backup activity Pub Quiz can be booked without dinner or lunch. The other backup activities can only be booked in combination with lunch or BBQ at the beach bar where your activity takes place.

We’ll review the weather forecast and can see what the weather is going to do up to 24 hours in advance. If we are unable to organise the activity(s) you booked due to bad weather conditions, we will contact you 24 hours in advance. Make sure you can be reached by phone and keep a close eye on your email inbox.

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Are you planning a group outing and do you have a special wish or an original idear about this outing? Would you like a personal brainstorm session to plan a day that suits your group? You can always contact us for a face-to-face conversation or a callback appointment! We can also be reached by phone and live chat in the evening and during the weekends. We deliver customized solutions for groups larger than 25 people.

Our masterchef cooking workshop takes place in a great cooking studio in the centre of The Hague. Long tables, atmospheric décor, beautiful chandeliers. It’s like walking into a cozy restaurant where everyone can enter the kitchen. At the back of the studio is the kitchen with 2 large cooking islands where all culinary delights are made. The cooking studio is easily accessible by public transport by bus 25, 28, 51 or tram 2,3,4 or 6.

Koken-op-maat Prinsengracht 40, 2512 GA The Hague.

It can be quite busy in Scheveningen in the summer months and it is not always easy to reach Scheveningen by car. We therefore advise you to travel by public transport, if possible.

There are several trams and buses that run from the stations to Scheveningen. There are also several Park and Ride options so you can park for a cheap fare and then go by public transport to Scheveningen.

Our beach activities are often set up next to Beachclub Copacabana, Strandweg 12, 2586 JK The Hague.

From the tram stop (lines 1, 11 and 12) it is between a 5 – 10 minute walk to the place where we set up our beach activities. These tram lines all stop at Station Hollands rail or at The Hague Central Station.

If you have to travel between Scheveningen and The Hague, the best thing to do is to take line 1. (keizerstraat stop to stop The Hague centre) The tram ride takes about 20 minutes. You can check in with your public transport chip card on this tram or buy a separate ticket inside the tram.

Use the OV9292 app for up-to-date travel information in The Hague and Scheveningen.

Night bus

Have you been clubbing in The Hague and do you want to return your hostel in Scheveningen?

Trams run until 00:00 a 01:00 (see OV9292). Fortunately, there is also HTM night buzz that runs from various stops in the centre of The Hague every hour to Scheveningen. If you are with the pub crawl this bus stops at a 2 minute walk from the last club.

We recommend the Citytax and HTMC in The Hague if you are taken by taxi or picked up.

Please note that transport on the promenade is not allowed. If you are picked up or taken to Copacabana beach club please tell the taxi to stop at cocktail bar Sahara (1 minute from the beach club).

Tel: Hague CityTax +3170 383 0830
Tel: HTMC +3170 390 7722

Have you booked a pub crawl with us and would you like to drive the taxi from the centre to your Hostel in Scheveningen? There is a taxi stop at the last club (1 minute walk) Advance booking is not necessary, as there are always enough taxis present. The price from the last club to Scheveningen is about: €30,- (4 person taxi in 2022) €40,- (8 person taxi bus in 2022)

Wij raden de Haagse citytax en HTMC aan indien u met de taxi gebracht of opgehaald wordt.

Let op, vervoer op de boulevard is niet toegestaan. Indien u opgehaald of gebracht wordt naar beachclub Copacabana vraag de taxi dan te stoppen bij cocktailbar Sahara (1 minuut vanaf de beachclub).

Tel: Haagse CityTax 070 383 0830
Tel: HTMC 070 390 7722

Hebben jullie een kroegentocht bij ons geboekt en willen jullie met de taxi vanaf het centrum naar jullie Hostel in Scheveningen rijden? Er is een taxi standplaats nabij de ingang van de laatste club (1 minuut lopen) Vooraf reserveren is niet per se nodig, aangezien er altijd genoeg taxi’s aanwezig zijn. De prijs vanaf de laatste club naar Jorplace Hostel is ongeveer: Taxi auto €25,-  of Taxi bus €35,-.  Let op, de genoemde prijzen zijn een gemiddelde prijs van een taxirit in 2020.


Frank veldhuis
Frank veldhuis
Read More
What a great weekend we had because of you!! Paracetamol was our best friend the day after! Greetings the boys from the North!
 Dominique da Silva Castanheira
Dominique da Silva Castanheira
Read More
On 14-09 we celebrated Anique's hen party with you! We had opted for the archery tag activity dick hunt with the mini photoshoot. How much fun this was! Laughed a lot and a lot of muscle cramps the next day 🙈 Everything was arranged perfectly! Contact, shots, activities just everything!
Ella Tegels
Ella Tegels
Read More
On September 26 we had a bachelor party. Dominic & Holly will make sure you have a great day. Everything was taken care of down to the last detail. The communication went very well in advance and they are also nearby to answer questions immediately. Material / table for the activities was ready and you actually have nothing to worry about. The food (the BBQ) was very good and enough choice for vegetarians. Look no further, just make your choice here ;) *Many thanks again for the perfect care!*
Jort van Wijk
Jort van Wijk
Read More
Had a fantastic day at Scheveningen with a well-organized, COVID-proof bachelor party! Archery tag, power kiting, weddingdress photoshoot and barbecue: complete package for a good price.
Susan Kroode
Susan Kroode
Read More
We had a great day / night had good communication in advance very flexible and helpful staff friendly and spontaneous people nice that you can put together a complete package according to everyone's wishes with fun activities Thank you very much for this great day and Night
Damp Oekill
Damp Oekill
Read More
At the end of July we celebrated the bachelor party with a group of 14 men. The crew were very nice and gave good guidance. Fun activities and fun location. Definitely recommended for any bachelor party.
Mascha Grijzenberg
Mascha Grijzenberg
Read More
Despite the heat, we had a super fun bachelor party. Delicious drinks and an amazingly fun activity that was very well organized. In addition, a free photo shoot. Our day was completely successful. Thank you so much 👍👌🎉
Marloes Heddema
Marloes Heddema
Read More
We had a great sunny day on the beach of Scheveningen on September 14 with expedition robinson (very nice guidance and games!), followed by a nice BBQ and hilarious pub crawl, with some "special additions" :) Thanks for the great cooperation OhOhdenhaag and we look forward to the photos to be able to enjoy again! Greetings, Margot and Marloes
Annet Enderink
Annet Enderink
Read More
Had a super bachelor party last Saturday! Easy consultation in advance, thinking along and responding quickly. It's always exciting to book something 'on the other side of the country', but luckily we really liked it!! We were welcomed enthusiastically, the games were well cared for and the BBQ was great!! Highly recommended! And our 'bride to be'... is still on a 'pink cloud'! Thank you!!.
Jana huijgen
Jana huijgen
Read More
The pub crawl was so cool! I've lived in The Hague all my life and thought I'd seen it all, but it's so incredibly cool. You go with a whole group of people to places you would otherwise never go. Highly recommended!!










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