A private pubcrawl is a perfect ending to your corporate event, birthday party or any other group outing in The Hague or Scheveningen!

During the private pub crawl (not to be confused with our regular The Hague Party Pub Crawl you will join our guides to the 5 best pubs, party cafés and clubs of The Hague!

You will be surprised during this crazy night out on the town, our party guides have a lot in store for you!




DO OUR TEST, answer 5 questions and create your personal combodeal. Make up your own timetable and recieve up to 35% discount!


DO OUR TEST, answer 5 questions and create your personal combodeal. Make up your own timetable and recieve up to 35% discount!


You’re looking for a party to remember? A nice ending to a year in which hard work has been done, a birthday where there is something extra to celebrate or just a nice night out on the town with your friends after a day of Scheveningen or The Hague?

Our party guides guide you through the small streets and alley’s and show you the best nightlife our city has to offer. You will visit a total of 5 very different locations, including cosy pubs, live music, fun party cafés and flashy clubs!

Take your friends or colleagues on a private pub crawl and experience a super fun night out not soon to be forgotten. This will be a night that will be talked about for years!


Our party guides are always in the mood and welcome you enthusiastically. They will hand out wristbands, a token for your welcome drink and of course a shot to start the evening! In the first bar you can socialize and chat with the rest of your group. If everyone has had their drink our party guides will call everyone together to start of this wild night.

The party guides play music on the way from pub to pub, do you have a favourite song you’d like to request while we are crawling from location to location? The vibe is great during our pub crawls and a small stop is made along the way. If there is a birthday boy, bachelor or maybe your boss who paid for this pubcrawl for the staff? This is the moment to put him or her in the spotlight!

After a short speech and a group photo you quickly end up in the next pub where there is another shot waiting for you… Are we all here, everyone’s having a good time, what time are we leaving for the next pub? These are all things you don’t have to worry about as an organizer. The party guides are here to take care of you and make sure your private pub crawl is arranged to perfection!

While the rest of The Hague hangs on the terraces until at least 00:00, we are already filling up the dancefloors from 21:00. The bigger your group is, the bigger the pubs and clubs we visit will be. And that means the party will start right away! Where exactly we go during the private pub crawl remains a surprise for everyone, but we can guarantee that there is a great pub, party café or club for everyone in your group!

We only select the best pubs, party cafés and clubs for our pub crawls. Not everyone is the same (fortunately!) and not everyone has the same taste in music. That’s why we have a wide variety of pubs, party cafés and clubs during the The Hague Party Pub Crawl

Discover fun party cafe’s on a large square, sing along in real local pubs. Dance on live music and shake your booty in splashy clubs. We always do our absolute best to make everybody happy and to get the party going as soon as possible!

Our routes change regularly, as do our party guides. So we don’t have a ‘standard’ round, every week is a surprise. This way you will experience a new experience, over and over again!

Would you like to come with us for free? Then keep an eye on the facebook page for special deals and giveaways.

The The Hague party Pub Crawl starts at Gabors in the centre of The Hague.

You can check in with one of our party guides who will be here from 21:00 They can clearly be recognized by a t-shirt with our logo and a large tray of shots!

The entrace to this bar is around the corner of the entrance to the pink Flamingo hostel and next to snackbar Piet Patat on the Grote markt in The Hague.

If you press the CALCULATE MY PRICE button and selected a date and time, a CALCULATE MY DISCOUNT button will appear.

In addition to giving you a discount based on the size of your group (the larger the group, the higher the discount) you will also receive a discount if you book multiple activities in certain combinations.

If you get a discount based on the size of your group AND you have a combination where you also get a discount, you receive a discount on top of a discount. Check out our combo deals for more information!

Are you planning a group outing and do you have a special wish or an original idear about this outing? Would you like a personal brainstorm session to plan a day that suits your group? You can always contact us for a face-to-face conversation or a callback appointment! We can also be reached by phone and live chat in the evening and during the weekends. We deliver customized solutions for groups larger than 25 people.

The starting point of the pubcrawl is café Gabors. After this we will walk through the center of The Hague to visit the best party cafes and clubs. The last club will be close to a taxi rank. It is not necessarily necessary to book a taxi in advance.
The address of café Gabors is Laan 1A, 2512 GM The Hague

It can be quite busy in Scheveningen in the summer months and it is not always easy to reach Scheveningen by car. We therefore advise you to travel by public transport, if possible.

There are several trams and buses that run from the stations to Scheveningen. There are also several Park and Ride options so you can park for a cheap fare and then go by public transport to Scheveningen.

Our beach activities are often set up next to Beachclub Copacabana, Strandweg 12, 2586 JK The Hague.

From the tram stop (lines 1, 11 and 12) it is between a 5 – 10 minute walk to the place where we set up our beach activities. These tram lines all stop at Station Hollands rail or at The Hague Central Station.

If you have to travel between Scheveningen and The Hague, the best thing to do is to take line 1. (keizerstraat stop to stop The Hague centre) The tram ride takes about 20 minutes. You can check in with your public transport chip card on this tram or buy a separate ticket inside the tram.

Use the OV9292 app for up-to-date travel information in The Hague and Scheveningen.

Night bus

Have you been clubbing in The Hague and do you want to return your hostel in Scheveningen?

Trams run until 00:00 a 01:00 (see OV9292). Fortunately, there is also HTM night buzz that runs from various stops in the centre of The Hague every hour to Scheveningen. If you are with the pub crawl this bus stops at a 2 minute walk from the last club.


If you come to Scheveningen in the summer we advise everyone to spend at least one extra hour for crowds, traffic jams and parking problems.

This is not only nice because there is no need to rush but being late on a reservation with us can result in an additional or cancellation of your activity without a refund. We will always do everything to prevent this but sometimes this is not avoidable due to a fully booked schedual unfortunately.

Plan well in advance how (late) you go from A to B then everything will be fine!

In the port of Scheveningen, free parking has been changed from 1/4/20 to paid parking, just like all other parking spaces in Scheveningen. Unfortunately, paid parking in Scheveningen means that you can’t leave your car for more than 2 hours even if you pay or you will be fined… Parking on the street and leaving your car for a day is unfortunately not an option. We think this is a ridiculous arrangement, but unfortunately we cannot change this.

You can go to one of the parking garages nearby. For an overview of the current availability of parking spaces in the 4 largest parking garages, check this link. To make sure you have a place in one of the nearest garages, namely the Kurhaus garage or the New Parklaan garage (both about 10 minutes walk to copacabana beach club) we recommend you to reserve your parking space long in advance through this Link.


If you stay asleep and come to Scheveningen early, you can always opt for a Park & ride. Check this link for more information about the possibilities.

We recommend the Citytax and HTMC in The Hague if you are taken by taxi or picked up.

Please note that transport on the promenade is not allowed. If you are picked up or taken to Copacabana beach club please tell the taxi to stop at cocktail bar Sahara (1 minute from the beach club).

Tel: Hague CityTax +3170 383 0830
Tel: HTMC +3170 390 7722

Have you booked a pub crawl with us and would you like to drive the taxi from the centre to your Hostel in Scheveningen? There is a taxi stop at the last club (1 minute walk) Advance booking is not necessary, as there are always enough taxis present. The price from the last club to Scheveningen is about: €30,- (4 person taxi in 2022) €40,- (8 person taxi bus in 2022)


Frank veldhuis
Frank veldhuis
Read More
What a great weekend we had because of you!! Paracetamol was our best friend the day after! Greetings the boys from the North!
 Dominique da Silva Castanheira
Dominique da Silva Castanheira
Read More
On 14-09 we celebrated Anique's hen party with you! We had opted for the archery tag activity dick hunt with the mini photoshoot. How much fun this was! Laughed a lot and a lot of muscle cramps the next day 🙈 Everything was arranged perfectly! Contact, shots, activities just everything!
Ella Tegels
Ella Tegels
Read More
On September 26 we had a bachelor party. Dominic & Holly will make sure you have a great day. Everything was taken care of down to the last detail. The communication went very well in advance and they are also nearby to answer questions immediately. Material / table for the activities was ready and you actually have nothing to worry about. The food (the BBQ) was very good and enough choice for vegetarians. Look no further, just make your choice here ;) *Many thanks again for the perfect care!*
Jort van Wijk
Jort van Wijk
Read More
Had a fantastic day at Scheveningen with a well-organized, COVID-proof bachelor party! Archery tag, power kiting, weddingdress photoshoot and barbecue: complete package for a good price.
Susan Kroode
Susan Kroode
Read More
We had a great day / night had good communication in advance very flexible and helpful staff friendly and spontaneous people nice that you can put together a complete package according to everyone's wishes with fun activities Thank you very much for this great day and Night
Damp Oekill
Damp Oekill
Read More
At the end of July we celebrated the bachelor party with a group of 14 men. The crew were very nice and gave good guidance. Fun activities and fun location. Definitely recommended for any bachelor party.
Mascha Grijzenberg
Mascha Grijzenberg
Read More
Despite the heat, we had a super fun bachelor party. Delicious drinks and an amazingly fun activity that was very well organized. In addition, a free photo shoot. Our day was completely successful. Thank you so much 👍👌🎉
Marloes Heddema
Marloes Heddema
Read More
We had a great sunny day on the beach of Scheveningen on September 14 with expedition robinson (very nice guidance and games!), followed by a nice BBQ and hilarious pub crawl, with some "special additions" :) Thanks for the great cooperation OhOhdenhaag and we look forward to the photos to be able to enjoy again! Greetings, Margot and Marloes
Annet Enderink
Annet Enderink
Read More
Had a super bachelor party last Saturday! Easy consultation in advance, thinking along and responding quickly. It's always exciting to book something 'on the other side of the country', but luckily we really liked it!! We were welcomed enthusiastically, the games were well cared for and the BBQ was great!! Highly recommended! And our 'bride to be'... is still on a 'pink cloud'! Thank you!!.
Jana huijgen
Jana huijgen
Read More
The pub crawl was so cool! I've lived in The Hague all my life and thought I'd seen it all, but it's so incredibly cool. You go with a whole group of people to places you would otherwise never go. Highly recommended!!










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  2. Enter location, date, number of participants and starting time.
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  4. If you would like to book you press CONTINUE TO PAYMENT
  5. Fill in your details.
  6. Choose one of the payment options and pay online.

After you have made the payment you will recieve the following emails. Keep a close eya on your inbox. Did you not recieve any emails? Check your spam!

  1. Thank you for your booking, your booking is being progressed and we are confirming your booking with our partners if necessary.
  2. Your activities are confirmed and your date and timeslots are al available
  3. Reminder of your booking and some tips and tricks for the ultimate bachelor party

We are sorry to hear some people can’t give a definitive yes. We advise you only to book for the people that are sure they are going to join. You can pay cash for the people that can only decide last minute. 

BE ADVISED, this is not possible for al activities. If you would like to pay cash for someone this is fine however always contact us about this first!


Everyone is welcome during the The Hague Party Pub Crawl Let us know in advance how many people are not allowed to drink alcohol. You do this by posting a comment with ORDER NOTES,under the heading ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/ADDITIONAL INFORMATION in our booking system. We will provide non alcoholic shots whenever possible. Please note, that our guides are very busy during a pub crawl and do not always have the time or means to take care of alcohol-free shots. We always try to make it happen! Of course, the welcome drink does not have to be alcoholic. The price of the pub crawl does not drop if no alcohol is drunk.

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